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Customization - G4S Digital Solutions offering all kind of customization services

Looking for customized solution?

We understand working in the every business, and everyone wants to get their own unique identity. We can custimized your application entirely according to your firm needs.

1. Documents of requirements

It is the first step that you should do. Create a professional project scope statement of your requirements. Make sure to write-up mock-up whatever your requirements are including with some websites as a reference, screenshots if possible, PDF or any material content which can help our developers to understand your project completed to avoid any dispute or troubleshoots.

2. Send your requirements

Send your requirements/documents to our customization department so that we get back to you with estimation of cost and timeline details. Our project manager and developers will get in touch with you to understand your requirements. And once we both agreed on the development cost our team will start working on your project. And will get back to you if any information required.

3. Wait and track development

Once our development team started working on your project, you will be able to track the development remotely using different methods. We will provide you daily reports for each day including detailed information to keep the progress of project on the top marksheet and updated for both parties.

4. Get ready to shine

Once the project is done, we will deliver all the source code to you via email ftp or whatever method you would like to use. The project will be tested by our professional developers free of cost, and also we do help you free of charge with any bug or issues you encounter in near future because we believe support the key to success.

Hourly Price of Services and Developers

Developer $60 / Hourly
Design $45 / Hourly
Consultant $40 / Hourly
Mobil Dev $45 / Hourly
NOTE : Please be advised you have to pay for each 8 hours in advance according to development professional charges. And the final cost will be counted according to development hours.